Paradigm Shifting

Jackstar Davies, a film journalist, creates unique segments in a new media, documentary style.

Join Jackstar as she launches her own media station to share some of the stories that need to be shared.


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Thrivality TV

We all make means to Survive

What we all want is to Thrive

Thrivality is where we all arrive..

What is Thrivality?

A Passionate

Purposeful and

Prosperous way of living..

That brings





and a new Paradigm.

How do you tell YOUR Story?

Interview w Aiesha Cosmos
I’m a dreamer
As a triple pisces
I follow my dreams. A dream is a seed. Vision plants it. Imagination nurtures growth. Opportunities create blooms. Thoughts become reality!

I feel blessed and infinitely grateful for her perseverance, spontaneity, joy, professionalism and above all her willingness to fly and journey together. She has been invaluable in my own unfolding and has the knack to at the right place at the right time to make the most wondrous miracles happen. We are all blessed to have her as our ally, friend, sister and magically powerful co-creator.

Aiesha Cosmos

Mayan Calender Expert - Speaker at TED TALK TULUM - MEXICO