Soar with the Feather

Learn from the Indigenous sharing their sacredness with feathers

Since I was a little child I have always had an infatuation with feathers.

If I wore something made of feathers especially on my head I felt more powerful with a voice. I’d look in the mirror and see an otherworldly princess that had femininity and strength which are complimentary characteristics. Now as a powerful goddess I have the wisdom of age. I embrace my whimsical, playful, creative self and use my beautiful imagination and heart to take me places others would only dream of. After traveling around the world and spending time with indigenous leaders who all wear powerful feather head dresses that have meaning and purpose my childlike fantasy was my reality and made sense. So what are you waiting for???? Soar with the feather and possibilities are limitless

  • Feathers are linked with great respect and esteem
  • Feather can help elevate your consciousness so that you can see where you are and where you are heading
  • Feathers reveal that which was, that which is, and that which may be
  • Feathers remind us to pay close attention to where we came from, where we are and where we are going
  • Feathers provide a way to rise upward into the realm of expanded vision

Allow the feather to fly you high enough for you to see over anything that blocks your vision. Illusions sometimes appear to be real, but it is you who creates reality. As you fly above the veil of illusion, learn to listen to the birds and behold the kaleidoscope of colourful possibilities that surround you. When you see the world from a heightened perspective, you gain the ability to shift the shape your life is taking. Hereditary Chief Phil Lane representing Four Worlds International had more to say on feathers…….

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