Sacred Sites

Malinalco Mexico

This sacred site has a unique powerful energy.

This is where the Eagle and Jaguar Warrior Princesses went to heal. My personal understanding of my connection with the Mayan Calendar and Aztec Calendar is an Eagle Warrior. I felt very familiar in this sacred place and it oozed a powerful energy that I hadn’t felt anywhere else in the world. Malinalco was the place where the warriors took time out to heal and it took time– as it took a lot of work to become a warrior.

The Eagle and Jaguar Warriors went through 3 stages.

1. Quetzalcoatl – Represents Balance of all things and knowledge of creation.

2. Huichilopoztli – Courage (our power)

3. Tezcaltlipoca – Inner Body knowledge.. (who I am and where I am going) These stages gave them the inner believe, knowledge and wisdom required to fulfill their mission.

When you know who you are – you are orientated to follow your path to succeed. That’s what the warriors did – they went through these 3 lessons. These were the teachings at Malinalco. They were initiated in a place called Ahuete – River in Malinalco.

They would bath in the posas in very cold water at night to open the channels of the perception and understanding of new reality. I made an offering and gave thanks leaving with an extremely high vibration. This sacred site is a must for all to experience and gain a different kind of power from within.