Power of the Prayer

with Chief Hereditary Phil Lane of Four Worlds International

Spending time with indigenous communities and spiritual gatherings around the globe I’ve realised that there is one common thread with all…..

And that is Power of the Prayer.

The power of prayer does not flow from us; it is not special words we say or the special way we say them or even how often we say them. The power of prayer is not based on a certain direction we face or a certain position of our bodies.

The power of prayer does not come from the use of artifacts or icons or candles or beads.

The power of prayer comes from the omnipotent one who hears our prayers and answers them. Prayer places us in contact with Almighty God or I call Source, and we should expect almighty results, whether or not He chooses to grant our petitions or deny our requests. Whatever the answer to our prayers, the God or Source to whom we pray is the source of the power of prayer, and He can and will answer us, according to His perfect will and timing.

I was interested to hear what Hereditary Chief Phil Lane representing Four Worlds International had to say….

Stay tuned for video interview….