Healing Mother Earth at Giant Rock

with Rainbow Thunderheart who represents Earth Wisdom Foundation

Once again I was in the right place at the right time.

Devoted to the cause of helping heal Mother Earth I was invited out to Giant Rock near Joshua Tree to take part in an incredible Medicine Wheel Ceremony lead by Rainbow Thunderheart who represents Earth Wisdom Foundation. This foundation was created to help heal Mother Earth by preservation through education.

There are special centers around the world where historically people have been drawn to for spiritual energy. Giant Rock is one of these places. Special electromagnetic forces or a vortex have drawn scientists, UFO specialists and many travellers intrigued by this remote place.

Rainbow Thunderheart is also part of the Eastern Shoshone Nation Earth Star Knowledge Wisdom of the Rock Writings and Rock Alignment created to create healthy environments. He works with the ancient stone circle rock alignments and texts known as petroglyphs and rock art wisdom and knowledge. He activates the womb springs to flow and this then fills the dry riverbeds, rebirthing the waters, filling up the dry riverbeds with water, as the rain activates and the snows return to the high mountains. These texts written in stone bring about the teachings of how to utilize this power of the Medicine Wheel ceremony worldwide. Ancient texts were written to restore the water and help the other elements return to their original functional vibrations to operate in beauty.

Healing 3This sacred ceremony was a special surprise of international devotees there to help heal with the power of prayer and the power of the sacred Medicine Wheel Ceremony. I was asked to step forward and represent the water element. When asked to speak it was as if another voice came through. A voice of clarity and power. A voice belonging to my higher self.

I experienced an overwhelming feeling of love, gratitude and forgiveness. Not only did I have a deeper understanding of the importance to connect with Mother Earths sacred sites but to connect with sacred ceremonies. Both teach us the purpose of giving life to all of creation.

More magic took place later that night when rainbow Thunderheart told me that I was meant to be there and that we would work together in the future. I knew I was right where I needed to be. My part in all of this was to help share the ancient wisdom and the importance of vibrational healing and sacred ceremonies.

I learnt so much about the Earth Wisdom Foundation and the importance of working with Elders of many Tribes and Nations, each culture sharing their prophecies of Mother Earth, interpreting their understanding of sacred geometry, grid lines, ley lines and song lines, bringing this wisdom into common understanding and application.

We share the powerful wisdom about the energy, the power that transmutes the environment, bringing healing for Mother Earth.

My experience was one of wonder and magic, one that I will truly treasure forever. These kind of ceremonies help provide education and solutions to re-educate humanity about Mother Nature’s Principles of Peace.