Gallivanting with a purpose

A journey of self discovery

One day in Sydney I woke up and realized that the dreams I had were never reached. I was destined for bigger and better things. The path that I had followed was not enough. The world I was in………

It was money, it was power, and my full potential for creativity was blocked.

I wanted to know who I was, where I came from and not just on the surface, but to the core.

A door opened inside me and beyond it I could see the whole world.

The oceans, the mountains and the people waiting to be met.

I had this desire to be the best that I could be, really wanting to help humanity and mother earth and it gave me purpose. I thought if I reach the stars what would change. I would know more about place in time and space but would it bring happiness too. I wanted a new life a fresh start and I was going to create it myself – wherever it took me.

Now after 3 years…. my eyes and thoughts are open once more, in turn opening my heart. I left behind both a crazy business world and social life, always on fast forward and replaced it with adventure, seeking happiness, knowledge and new discoveries whilst blossoming a true love for self……. stopping to smell the roses.

My life has been changing, opening up and transforming. It’s been a time of increased power as the infinite potential of life appears clearer than ever.

Traveling alone is courageous, allowing the integration of personal and universal knowledge, opening up the true potential of life. Although, we are never alone.

I carry the awareness of my spirit wherever I go, gently releasing my desires, and the universe orchestrates all the details.

My first stop was Bali to bathe in the Holy Water in Ubud. It is here that I set my intentions and made my wishes for the adventures and magical life ahead.   Over time they are all coming true.

Since then I have jumped around continent to continent immersing myself in many healing modalities, spiritual practices and teachings in my quest for inner truth and wisdom. Liberating me from ignorance and mis- teachings and guiding me from the stage of genuine yearning for love and knowledge to the highest stage of unity and annihilation

I have undergone various stages of purification where the veils of the unknown have lifted. Spending time with indigenous leaders and tribes and with faith and knowledge I understand the unity of existence. Sacred medicine ceremonies and shamanic healing have expanded my consciousness and opened my eyes to what’s possible allowing me to be even more courageous and adventuress with a different belief in self.

Traveling and taking time to heal allows a higher sense of passion and purpose to fill the heart, for the light of that flame to illuminate the path ahead, leading you to new adventures in life. It’s a time to release the ego, allowing a sense of oneness to permeate your being and let the power and the passion of love to move within you.

We have the ability to transform ourselves and our experiences, taking in the poison and using a higher vision and higher understanding to transform it into gold.

It’s the adventure itself that is the conjure to happiness and its through the exploration that we find joy and discover not the world but ourselves. Changing and adapting to become stronger and brighter – more joyful, more soulful beings. Being in new movements and new energies and the unknown is where change happens.

We once traveled to the stars hoping for the future that we now have. We can’t forget those stars or those who gazed upon them. It’s because of them that we are here today.

I’m Jackstar…. and it’s now my role or higher purpose to show the world what’s available, seeking out the farthest corners of the world unveiling the stories and magic for a smoother road to internal bliss. I have the passion that drives and inspires others to do great things and it is this passion that awakens others to have a sense of purpose.

At this point in my life I am more creative, passionate, courageous and inspired than ever and as a International Media Journalist I’m taking a leap of faith and I’m allowing the light of passion guide me.

I am fuelled by the dream and want to help others discover who they really are helping them to achieve their dreams.