Praise for Jackstar

Global Leaders hold Jackstar in high esteem regarding her work

Jackstar’s spirit is gorgeous and pure, not only is she blessed with radiant beauty all over, but she is also deeply surrendered to her calling and her desire to serve the heart of our beautiful Earth and all the beings who call her home and mother. Her vision is one of power, grace, freedom and love.

I feel blessed and infinitely grateful for her perseverance, spontaneity, joy, professionalism and above all her willingness to fly and journey together. She has been invaluable in my own unfolding and has the knack to at the right place at the right time to make the most wondrous miracles happen. We are all blessed to have her as our ally, friend, sister and magically powerful co-creator.

Aiesha Cosmos

Mayan Calender Expert - Speaker at TED TALK TULUM - MEXICO

Jackstar would have to be one of the most enigmatic characters I have ever had the pleasure of working with to date. I engaged her Production services in the Developmental stages of a spiritual interactive museum concept some time ago. Throughout this process Jackstar was in charge of helping raise money for this high end project and aiding me in fine tuning the mechanics of the museum. Here she displayed several unique qualities and skills that separated her from other Producers I have worked with over the years. Jackstar has an amazing ability to pull in the right team, conceptually brilliant highly driven especially around projects that create positive change. I could not recommend her high enough as a creative collaborator and a real game changer in Projects that add value to our planets evolution.

Marc Barold


“What an adventure to attempt to encapsulate the wonder of Jackstar in merely words. Such a bright firefly of curiosity and laughter, she is deeply connected to her harmonic journey of cultivating & sharing wisdom. She ignites excitement in her wake, whirls exploration with her smile & is a radiant hearted uniter of the global tribe. Jackstar has one of the most compassionately kind natures I have ever had the blessing of knowing, and her incredible willingness to feel and share the wisdom of emotion in a raw, real way inspires everyone around her to unfurl and be free.”

Lo-Arna Evangeline Okan

Movement Sound Alchemist

Jackstar, a woman devoted to the path of expanding consciousness within the earth. Always big heart and open arms, and with her path of purpose she continues to walk ever so strong will always amaze me. Jackstar You will always have my support.

Ryan Whitewolf

Singer Songwriter

Jackstar is an incredible presence on earth who emanates Pure Love and Compassion for all life. When I am with her, we share in ceremony and prayers for Humanity and Mother Earth. I am Honored and Grateful to know her.

Michelle Anderson

Founder of A Circle of Radiant Love and Castle of Compassion

Jackstar carries a real commitment to service & community. I am excited about her work in the world building bridges between cultures and supporting the revival, and preservation of indigenous wisdom. She is a charismatic spark of light and I support her mission.

Alokananda Luke

Suns of the Earth

Jackstar is a positive joyful person to work with creativity. Magic happens when she is around and I’d love to adventure together helping make the changes that both humanity and mother earth need now. She shines on camera and brings a jovial vibe to any situation.

Dave Norwoods

Musician Producer Survivalist Globe Trekker Performer Entertainer

Jackstar manages to bring creativity and flair to any occasion. Her ability to bring out the best in people she is interviewing is a unique gift as she does this with grace. She has an beautiful magnetic energy which allows her to flow as a journalist almost effortlessly. I’m looking forward to sharing in future projects.

Aaron Garcia Loranca

Producer Ometeotl Festival

I felt as if I needed to marinate In feeling how to describe an infinite soul. Instead of passing up the opportunity to express, I tuned in to the frequency of Jackstar… I was uplifted by an energy of motivation This is how she feels to me. Traveling like mist upon many mountains Just to fall rapidly And stream through all obstacles gracefully To be that nourishment for the world Like water is her soul She flows We flow

-Ashley Lilinoe

Thank you for calling this moment forth.

Ashley Lilinoe

Singer Songwriter

From the very first moment I met Jackstar, this incredible Goddess and amazing woman. I knew I was in the presence of pure magic. It was only within the very first minutes we connected we knew we’ve done this before. And many times to be sure as well. Old souls, having lived many lifetimes together. Sharing life times of healing, and devotion. A priestess of Light and Love. A true heart with a mission to bring laughter, joy and happiness to this WORLD! She has the power to show you things and bring things out of your self you may have never even known existed within. She believes in you and your journey so strongly you will become a believer too! She encourages all the hearts she comes in contact with to follow their dreams and destiny. Creating a sacred space for all to feel the power they hold in themselves.

Cheryl Bowers

Sound Healing Therapist

What impact Jackstar has had on my life she will have on all who experience her. Jackstar is a charismatic beauty with brains, gumption and drive. She is also a deep, complex soul that engages all who encounter her. Her quest is to grow and to share her internal journey outward. While I love to travel, Jackstar has inspired me to leave my comfort zone, take bigger risks and set out greater quests than I ever have before. More so she has accelerated my rate of internal growth. She facilitated my inward journey by exciting my outward journeys. I join her along her way whenever possible. She has compelled me from my quotidian life of a day to day workaholic into an international traveler sharing in her spiritual journey. Since our initial meeting I have met up with Jackstar in Spain, Germany, France, Ecuador and Australia. And all along the way, Jackstar has shared her life, her insights her growth to foster a great sense of renewal in my own life. Her great journey physically and spiritually has infected me. Jackstar is a benevolent, contagion. She is constantly on the move, living out of a few bags, traversing extremes from living in a Columbian jungle for a month without anything but primitive essentials traversing deep spiritual terrain to landing in Paris, dusting her self off and experiencing the soulfulness of the height of first world culture. After spending a week roaming the great galleries, restaurants and gathering places of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Mitte Berlin – the cutting edge of urban culture, I have witnessed Jackstar pack a small backpack and run off to walk 500 miles alone across the Camino in northern Spain. Such contrast is the extreme of quest for self-insight , spiritual growth and the unknown.

She is one tough warrior goddess. She hungers for new experiences. But what amazes me about Jackstar is that her travel, which could seem to others as fantasy or self-indulgence is nothing of the sort. Jackstar moves to learn, to know, to share. The people she meets along the way are all fascinating people like her. She is a portable feast. She has inspired me to reexamine my priorities, to get out and about all the meanwhile exploring what is inside. She is the greatest of travellers trekking out into the physical world all the while journeying metaphysically. I met Jackstar at the beginning of her 4 year peripatetic adventure and in that time I have seen a flower in full bloom bloom larger if that makes sense. I had a close friend that went to India for five months to study transcendental meditation and when he returned his eyes had changed into these pools of serenity; Jackstar’s eyes are seas of serenity.

Not only is Jackstar a Herculean traveler she is a nexus of growth. She is not only on a journey for self, but for all that encounter her. She is guru. What she learns she returns. She is the most generous person I have ever met and I do not exaggerate. What is more she is captivating and inspiring. Jackstar has instigated my renewal and wanderlust and she will do that for the countless others who tune in to share in her journeys.

Please take the time to meet Jackstar in person. She is ineffable. She is a luminous. Get her while you can.

Andrew Reznik

Art Director