Jackstar Davies

Activist, Producer, International Documentary Film Maker and Presenter

 My name is Jackstar…. Lovely to meet you..

 If you’re new to Thrivality, my mission is simple.  To elevate your vibration and inspire you to be exactly who you were born to be, fulfilling your soul song. Bringing light and laughter to your hearts and souls. 

If you’re after a little boost then tune into Thrivality as you’ll definitely accelerate your own personal growth and be inspired. Share it with friends and family who may also be in need of a some joy in their life’s.

Join me on a radiant journey through unchartered territories of your inner self discovering your creative vibration.

Let me tell you a bit about myself

Before the end of 2011 I had always felt like my life was on fast forward.  Always rushing trying to fit in sooooooooooo much, to get ahead. To buy myself material things that I just didn’t really need, to keep up with the Jones. Was all this worth killing myself for?  I was stressed and had developed insomnia that had been going on for 9 months.  I would often cry on the way to work as I was exhausted.  My relationship had fallen apart as we just couldn’t communicate about the things that really mattered. It was just business talk and I felt as if my heart was being squashed. Between work and social life I had no time for myself.  In fact, I didn’t really know who I was? I’d never really given myself the time alone or the rest I needed to understand the real gifts I had to share with the world.

Then one day a huge shift happened inside of me……

I started asking myself

Am I really living the life that I want?  Am I really being the best person that I was born to be?  Am I chasing my dreams? What are my dreams? Am I caught up in someone else’s reality?

I felt confused and everything I thought I wanted just almost disintegrated.  This confusion was the change I needed.  The change felt like a seed had been planted within me, as if my true soul was starting to speak to me.  I was intrigued to explore this feeling and desire to understand who I really was.

So I set off on an adventure.  Some may say, a journey of a lifetime!

I was gallivanting with a purpose to find my purpose and in turn help others find a sense of purpose. 

Now after almost 4 years my heart is open.  I have been exploring my own creative vibration by journeying to 38 countries immersing myself in all kinds of healing modalities, conscious festivals, spiritual events and spending time with indigenous leaders in different corners of the world. 

This journeying opened up many possibilities and sent potential that ran through my veins with a new found passion and purpose that was power. 

I was allowing my vibrant radiant self to be free, without having the boundaries put on me by society, my peers, my family and myself.  I felt this incredible high vibration that was pulsating out of me.  It felt like a contagious smile that was lifting others around me and it felt sooooooooo good.  It was the difference between surviving and thriving. My imagination had been turned way up and my creative vibration lifted.  The feeling can best be described as finding my soul song. 

So what is Thrivality?

Thrivality is a high vibrational way of living that when present we can access a living library of creativity.  Thrivality allows a gateway of power, potential and possibilities to emerge.  It is through this way of living that we obtain fulfillment and find our soul song.

We are all vibration. That’s what everything is.  By being in a high vibrational state we can access or connect to who we really are…and then we allow are Soul Song to start to emerge and inspire us to create.

If you are in a high vibration or in the flow then you start to allow your essence to come forth and in the allowing that’s when your inspiration and your higher self starts to speak to you and you find the things that are in alignment with who you are and the truth of who you are and that creative expression starts to speak to you.

‘Creativity can get pegged into art or something that’s on the fringe however there’s so many things that are actually creative which allow us to feel fulfilled. When you allow your higher self to speak to you that’s when you can share your creative expression of your self into the world.’ – Matt Omo, Sound Healing Expert

We are all vibration.  That’s what everything is. By living in a high vibrational state we allow our Song Song to start to emerge and inspire us to create.

Its the adventure itself that is the conjour to happiness

Not everyone can travel around the world looking for whatever they may need to solve the problems they face. I have been fortunate enough to undertake such an adventure, driven by a passion to transform not only my own life but the life of the planetary community, the life of us all, and the inner life we call the human spirit. I do this not only for myself, but for others who may be searching for answers, for truth, for certainty and for joy.

There are places, things, teachers and teachings all over the world which can bring hope, excitement, and new ways of thinking to those who need it. I want to show people these things, to let the wide world touch them with her rich message, so they can lift themselves up to a new level of inspiration, awaken new passions within themselves, and make this precious planet into the wonderful place we all hope it can one day become.

The world has already done this for me, and I want to help the world do this for others. People in all societies need passion and hope if they are going to move forward and create new things. Growing up in the Australian countryside, on the Central Coast, north of Sydney I was fortunate enough to have a family who supported me and helped me to believe I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to. At the same time, I also witnessed many forms of intense and unnecessary human suffering, motivating me to use whatever strength I have been given to make changes in the world so that such painful things no longer happen to anyone.

At times, in my journey, I have had to make terrible sacrifices to move forward. There have been moments when I have felt that everything was stripped away from me. This intense suffering, however, has not destroyed me. Instead, I have found it has given me more strength, more compassion, and more insight to understand and share what I have learned with the rest of the world, so that problems can be solved, lives transformed, and suffering brought to an end. My heart tells me that this can be done. My spirit tells me that this can be done. And my work tells me that others have been inspired as I have been. When all the world’s people know about the many successes and powerful teachings that are out there, when we all work together with passion and courage, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

My mission in life is inspire others to explore their creative vibration, by providing stories, sounds, visions and images from all over the world.